MaxQ AI’s Platform: Accipio “To Learn” Solutions

What is the cost of a missed brain bleed? When CT scans stack up, just one single missed bleed can have serious consequences to the patient and facility. Introducing our AccipioTM platform – an advanced AI brain bleed head trauma and stroke care solution.

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Accipio, which means ‘to learn’ in Latin, utilizes deep learning technologies to analyze medical imaging data such as non-contrast head CT images. The results provide deep clinical insight and actionable data in minutes that will enable physicians across the world to make faster and more accurate assessments in any location, at any time.

The complete Accipio platform will support the Radiologist, Emergency Room and Neuro-rad teams with a fully-automated solution. Accipio uses MaxQ Al’s INSIGHT™ method, providing identification & prioritization (lx1), annotation (Ax2) and expert-level diagnostic rule-out (Dx2).

Our complete intracranial hemorrhage (ICH) detection solution for head trauma and stroke care promises to:

  • Increase bleed detection and reduce missed bleeds through real-time triaged and prioritize notification of non-contrast head CT – because minutes matter;
  • Enhance escalation and intervention confidence, including mobilization of the Stroke, tPA and Operating Room teams for mechanical clot removal; the right care readied faster;
  • Assist stroke treatment: including tPA administration and mechanical intervention, that can help avoid errors leading to clinical, economic and potentially litigious issues.

1 FDA Cleared, CE Approved
2 Not FDA Cleared, Not CE Approved, Investigational Only

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“We serve multiple hospitals where we may have several CT head cases with other stat exams to read – with no way of knowing what is the most acute without adding more radiologists – this risk exposure is amplified when a priority stroke case hits the ED. Having an intelligent agent prioritize these cases would increase safety, improve patient care and inform staffing decisions.”

Mark C. DeLano, MD, FACR
Advanced Radiology Services, PC
Michigan State University

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