The Importance of Strong Partnerships

Is Artificial Intelligence just a fad – or is it here to stay? AI is with us for the long haul, with the opportunity to help us address some of the biggest challenges in healthcare. However, while AI has unleashed many promising solutions, it is important to find trusted technology partners and vendors to ensure that these innovations actually reach the market.

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The partnership between AI and the skilled caregiver has the potential to deliver expert care to every patient across the globe. However, to reach every patient in need, it is critical to have strong partnerships with world-class and industry leaders to ensure that these solutions are not only available but that they can easily be adopted and integrated into healthcare systems.

MaxQ AI is proud to be a trusted partner with industry-leading CT OEMs, PACS software and AI Ecosystem companies – including GE Healthcare, IBM Watson Health, Samsung NeuroLogica, EnvoyAI, and TeraRecon – who collectively have a reach into at least three-quarters of the hospitals around the world. We also have successfully collaborated with technology leaders such as Intel to enhance the performance of our Accipio intracranial hemorrhage (ICH) and stroke detection platform.

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